Farms that got changed in the last patch

The Minecraft 1.18 update brings many changes to the Overworld. The Overworld will receive the most significant update in years, including massive biomes and world height changes.

Due to world generation changes, players may notice a decrease in efficiency in their farms. The upcoming Minecraft 1.18 update will affect many Overworld farms.

The farm changes are important for players who plan to upgrade their worlds to 1.18 after it is released. This article outlines five farms that will be affected after Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Part 2 updates.

5) Glow Squid Farms

Minecraft 1.18 may not allow glow squid farms from version 1.17. Glow squids can only spawn in 1.18 worlds below Y level 30. Many players designed farms around this height to maximize efficiency, as glow squids can spawn below Y levels 63 in 1.17.

Players may need to rebuild a glow-squid farm if it is lower than Y level 30. Potential spawn areas around glow squid farms at low levels will result in low production.

4) Witch farms

The new mob-spawning system will result in a decrease of output at witch farms. Mobs will now have plenty of space to spawn, as 1.18 worlds have a bedrock layer at Y-64. Because many witches aren’t allowed to spawn on the farming platform, the game attempts to spawn mobs from bottom to top.

3) Drowned farms

Minecraft 1.18 updates has added buffs and nerfs to the Drowned Farms. The new world generation features will cause similar problems to witch farms. In version 1.18, players may need to rebuild drowned farms.

The buff will have a new place to spawn. These mobs can be found in dripstone caves. While exploring dripstone caves, players may encounter annoying trident throwers.

2) Axolotl farms

The upcoming update will break any axolotl farms created in version 1.17. After completing the required conditions, Minecraft 1.18 will allow axolotls to spawn only in lush caves. Previously, players could build axolotl farms in any part of the Overworld.

1) General mob farms

Improvements are needed for general mob farms that rely on low levels to spawn mobs. Nearly all hostile mobs will spawn at light levels 0. To spawn, hostile mobs used to require light level 7 or lower. To spawn mobs, players will need to ensure that the light level is zero.

Many farms will be affected by the Minecraft 1.18 update. Players will soon discover ways to increase their output following the release of Minecraft 1.18.