TeamExtreme Launcher

TeamExtreme Launcher is very well known European offline launcher that supports servers like but also all offline / non-premium servers in general.

Before shutting down the server was running on Minecraft version 1.10 and was hosting up to 500 players at the same time. Since TeamExtreme shut down, the only alternative launcher that is working with offline mode and all versions of Minecraft can be found here:

Even supports latest 1.16.1, enjoy 🙂

Are “offline” servers dead?

No! Absolutely not, by now everyone is already aware that TeamExtreme sadly shut their server down. But that’s not the end of it.

Lucky (for all players that can’t afford official Minecraft) there are still many offline servers and some hybrid servers that allow offline and premium players to connect and play.

Generally premium servers are higher quality but that’s never a guarantee, be sure to check them out before you start seriously playing and invest a lot of time.

TeamExtreme server

One of the oldest cracked Minecraft servers known as TeamExtreme was shut down. There will be no more updates and server will not be back.

There are full server dumps with maps and everything available online, but server itself is gone for good.

Sad day for all Minecrafters that enjoyed TeamExtreme.